Pointing our community to embrace life in Jesus

We are gospel centered, believing that all aspects of life must be oriented around the person of Jesus Christ. Understanding who He is and what He has done are important because they lead to understanding our purpose in this life. This purpose is revealed to us through the Bible. We are gospel driven, meaning that everything we do is only possible because of the life we are given through the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission


Create a place where all people can be a part of a community

Whether you have been a Christian your entire life or are a recent seeker, we want people to enjoy the community of people who are authentic, encouraging, and have a heart to connect with others. We strive to be a church that looks beyond labels and embrace everyone as people created in God’s image.


Empower all people to be ministers of the Gospel

We believe that God has created every person with gifts and talents to be used for the encouragement of others. We believe in the priesthood of all believers and desire all people to explore and use their talents for the uplifting of others.


Embody the heart of Christ by being missional in our worship, program, and lives

True North Church exists to engage the culture by communicating the Gospel of Jesus in a way that is easily heard and understood. We want people who may have never stepped in a church to feel comfortable in our service, so we remove the barriers that might get in the way. If you are unsure of what to expect, don't worry; we explain everything we do and why we do it.


Plant churches to reach the redemptive potential of the Bay Area

Our goal is not to build the next great church; instead our goal is to participate in the work of God in raising His church. We have a deep longing for the people of the Bay Area to know Jesus intimately and we desire to achieve this by being a church which plants churches.