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Tithing at True North

On Sundays, members of True North give a portion of their earnings as an offering to God. We give not because we're obligated to, but as a joyful response to the love he first showed us. By giving financially, we sacrifice some of our worldly comforts in an act of faith and proclaim that He is sufficient for us in all our needs. 

At True North, we want to be transparent about our finances. If you are interested in learning about where offering money goes, please feel free to sit in at one of the quarterly member's meetings.


Digital Ways to Give



It’s easy to sometimes forget physical offering on Sundays. Fortunately, we usually have our phones on hand. If you’ve forgotten to bring your offering or simply prefer the convenience of giving digitally, you can give to True North through Paypal.

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AMazon Smile

True North is partnered with Amazon Smile so that 0.5% of all eligible purchases are donated to the church. If you feel comfortable giving in this way, you can click the link below and select True North Church (in Palo Alto, CA) as your organization.