We believe Christian education is a critical foundation for our children and the future. We aim to nurture a child-like faith through a rich biblical education that is filled with interactive lessons and truths that our children can apply to their lives.

For more information about our Education Ministry, please contact Hansol Kim.


small group

Our small groups are located throughout the Bay Area and and meet on different days of the week. Each small group is unique and are led by facilitators who seek to use the strength of each member to teach, grow, and serve one another.

To learn more or join a small group, please contact blank.



We believe prayer is a powerful way to experience the presence of God and we seek to build strong individual prayer lives and corporate prayer. We have a prayer team available after each service to partner with you to lift up prayers to the Lord.  We highly encourage our congregation and guests to receive healing, offer praises, and commit to the Lord by praying for each other and themselves.



We strive to serve the Bay Area and foster an active faith that goes out to love others.  The Outreach Team coordinates events where we can serve those in need. We also encourage our members to find new ways for us to assist and share God’s love with our community.